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Who Knew? Did You Know About Environmental Performance?

Today we went to lunch at Panera Bread and outside of the restaurant was a Chevrolet.  It was a fairly nice looking vehicle.I walked around to the other side and looked at the sticker in the window.Environmental Performance!  You have got to be kidding me!

This vehicle has a Global Warming Score.  I just about died.  Is everything now going to have a Global Warming Score on it?  Is that going to be the next big regulation that businesses are going to have to  adhere to or else face fines and court battles?  Oh I just want to go mad.

I wonder what my blog’s Global Warming Score is.  For every 100 visitors does that mean that 100 pounds of coal was burned and spewed into the atmosphere to generate the electricity so that you all could check in and read this?

In the words of Charlie Brown, ” Good Grief!”




1 thought on “Who Knew? Did You Know About Environmental Performance?”

  1. Good Lord, Girl – You’re singing my song!

    Enough of this kind of stuff finally! If we all don’t start standing up for something, we are going to keep falling for all the crap they’ve been dishing out. We need to push away from the table and learn to cook and dish our own out!

    It starts with only a few of us, and grows!



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