Saga of a torn ACL

Saga of a Torn ACL – 1 Year Post Injury

Hi Friends,

As you can tell from the past few entries I have done zero, zip, nada sewing for at least a few months.  I am in desperate need of some summer tops so there is hope that one or two items actually might get constructed this month…

But anyways…I wanted to put up a post to follow up on the progress of my knee.  It is one year to the day since this injury happened and I’m glad to report that progress is still being made.  DSCF1810

The most significant thing for me is that I can grab my foot and stretch the quads and the knee.  I am trying to work on this as often as I can because I still cannot kneel on the floor without terrible pain.  I may never be able to  but I’m told it could take years.  Who knows?  I keep working at it.

Another milestone I was able to do this past weekend was a full rotation on the bicycle while standing on the pedals.  We take that one for granted right?  I mean, how else do you get up a hill?  It hurt quite terribly to do it but I did it!  Progress and I’m actually quite excited about it.  It means my right hip isn’t going to need a week to rest after a bike ride!  (due to over compensating for the weakness of the left leg)

As far as running.  I can do more and more straight line jogging, which is getting better.  I actually chased down Holly before she went into the street, nearly getting run over!  I was surprised at my quick reaction.  I’m happy with that because that means when we get a new puppy I’ll be up to the task of chasing after it!

So that’s about it I guess.  The only thing that I think about anymore is if I had to do the surgery all over again I ask myself if I would do the patellar tendon again.  For me, since I have so much trouble kneeling I’m not so sure I would…

Have a great day everyone!