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I’m With Neverseconds…Gosh I Hate Censorship!

Hi Everyone!  Me Again,

I don’t know if you follow blogs other than sewing but I just wanted to share with you  which is written by a 9 year old girl from Scotland about her school lunches.

I found out about it a few weeks ago (it’s only been live for a few months) and if you haven’t been following what has been happening in the last week you are missing a drama unfolding that could rival any here in the States.

I knew it would only be a matter of time before someone put the kabash on the public display of her lunches!!!  So…Hollywood just can’t write this stuff so please do go over to her blog and just be ready for a sweet, sweet trip!

And since I’m thinking about lunches…well, this was actually desert but it came out today for a lunchtime treat too!

Here’s what I had for a snack today at lunchtime…Homemade Rhubarb (from the garden) Strawberry and Mango Crisp!!! YUM!!!!DSCF1854


1 thought on “I’m With Neverseconds…Gosh I Hate Censorship!”

  1. It was good to hear that the censorship of the blog (well the taking pics of dinners) has stopped – the power of comment and common sense has overwhelmed petty silliness. 😀 yay


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