Simplicity 2254 – Half Way There!

Hi Friends!

I made some great progress on my top this week, surprisingly!  I sewed just a little bit each morning and before I knew it this top is just about finished!


All that is left is to top-stitch the sleeves, attach the lower bodice, hem and insert some elastic that goes in the back…and sew on some buttons to the front.  Here’s a close-up of the decorative top-stitching.  DSCF1866I tried just winging it by using my quilting foot #37 to measure out the 1/4” width between each row of stitching.  It isn’t totally noticeable that it’s not exact but I think if I were to do this again I might place a few dots or guidelines periodically around the neckline just to make sure I was on track.  I was easy to do though!  And so far this pattern has been very easy to make, even though this morning I accidentally sewed the side seams wrong (don’t ask, still don’t know how I managed to do that!) but I had a moment of panic because I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t go over my shoulders and head!  (I had sewed the two side fronts to each other and the two side backs to each other!) It was early this morning and I may not have been entirely awake!

Oh well, we all make mistakes and I just laughed and re-sewed the sides correctly, phew!!!!

I’m hoping to have this finished tomorrow!

Stay tuned!


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