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Just Make It June – Butterick 4238 Finished!

Hi Friends!

I decided to stay home this morning, not going to our town’s annual 4th of July parade, and work on this Butterick 4238.DSCF2087

Hmmm, choices, choices!  Sit outside in 95 degree weather watching everyone in town or stay home in the cool air conditioning sewing a new top?

Oh I forgot!  The parade is televised (although delayed)…my choice is clear!  I’m staying home!

So just a few hours was all it took to finish this up and get the pictures taken for you all to see…

Front..DSCF2073 I made the short sleeve version in a size 22.  I’m using a light blue and white cotton seersucker and the only alterations I made were to add 2 inches around the bicep (slash and spread) and I tack-sewed in place where the wrap over makes the v-neck (to keep the fabric close to the body when bending over…keeps me from flashing the neighbors if you know what I mean!).

Once I had the sleeves in I chose to roll up (twice) the sleeves so they hit mid arm as opposed to just above the elbow.  For some reason I thought this looked more pleasing on me.

The Back…DSCF2070

The Back is very boxy.  The pattern piece does not have any darts or shaping whatsoever so I guess it looks exactly as it was intended.  I think next time I’ll add a center back seam and put in a little shaping, especially at the waist, just to curve it in a little to the body.




The shape is very boxy, no?

I thought the bust dart was a little high, so I would most likely lower it (sigh…saga of the sagging bosom, is there any hope for us?).  Overall this top is really quite comfortable and even though I made a size 22 the shoulders weren’t too big for me.

Yes, I have very wide shoulders and a broad back.

You know, I’ve been using my new point and shoot camera for these photos and I’m not very happy with the vibrancy and clarity I’m getting.  I know I can get some really great pictures from it but I just can’t seam to get the right settings I need…so appologies all around for these not so great photos.  I’ll break out the big black monster camera next time!

So what’s next?

I would like to make one or two more summer tops but I’m looking on the calendar and we’ve got a Jimmy Buffett Party to go to in a few weeks and I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!  Oh my gosh!  I need to make a muumuu or something!

Have a great weekend everyone!  I’m off to search for something muumuuey!


3 thoughts on “Just Make It June – Butterick 4238 Finished!”

  1. It is so nice to see a normal sized person sewing, rather than a young twig who hasn’t enough of a figure yet to have developed figure “flaws” and normal age-related changes. It’s not the size, it’s the fit that counts. I say it all the time, but when I’m sewing for myself, I consign things to the wadder pile when they don’t fit the image in my head. That image was born of seeing too many pictures of clothing on tall skinny people, and not paying enough attention to seeing clothing in action, as it moves while being worn. You give me hope that I can change my internal vision to something based on reality.


    1. Thank You Laura! Yes, I guess I am the ‘New’ normal! I’ve already come to terms with my new and improved body and image and sew for what it is and not what it used to be or that vision of a size 12 in my head!!! LOL!!!
      I just love well made clothes in all styles and especially yummy delicious fabrics and really the only way I’m going to get them is to make them myself!

      Happy sewing!


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