Uh Oh! I’m No Longer Sewing In Anonimity!

Dear Readers,

I opened my email this morning to this…

Dear thestitcher,
You have been featured today on!
Check it out
As a special treat, here’s a 20% off coupon for you.
The coupon is for one time use only and will give you a 20% discount on all patterns shipped from Simply enter the coupon code
in your shopping bag before you checkout. To begin shopping, go to this page:

Oh My GAWD!  I had to click over to PR and check…..


Sure enough, there’s my mug right on the home page of!  I think I’ve only reviewed maybe 5 patterns so I know it can’t be because of my reviews.  I guess it was just my time in the que!

That Deepika, she sure is sneaky!  What a great thing she has done for the sewing community!!

Thank You Deepika!

Happy sewing everyone!


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