Mmmmm, Peaches!!!!

Oh!  Do I have news for you!

Friends, we have waited 3 years for our peach tree to finally produce a substantial harvest!  I say substantial, it is something like 50 peaches, so the tree is still young!  But ooooooh!  These peaches are just delightful!DSCF2690 It was touch and go there for the first two years.  We are first time fruit growers and we had no idea about just how many critters and pests that show up with the explicit purpose of KILLING your trees and fruit!!!  Uggh!  We’ve lost leaves, we’ve sprayed and sprayed to get rid of those blasted buggers, we’ve lost hundreds of budding fruit to the critters and to storms, we’ve survived the drought and even an early spring freeze!

Just Bliss!!!DSCF2686 We’ve done it!  The peaches are starting to ripen so it is time to harvest!

Can’t wait to make some great peach recipes!  If you have a favorite please let me know!


3 thoughts on “Mmmmm, Peaches!!!!”

  1. I don’t have a favorite either. From fresh off the tree, to syrup, jam with ginger, pie, cobbler and more…I love it all! My young peach tree is also doing well! Yummy!


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