McCalls 6604 – Celebrating National Sewing Month with a new Blouse!


Hi Readers!

First off I want to say Happy National Sewing Month!  Secondly I want to share with you my latest project, McCalls 6604…
I was working on this top and had started putting in one of the set-in sleeves and I couldn’t figure out why the instructions were telling me one thing, but the pattern pieces were telling me another.

So guess what?  I made another video.

I know I look and sound a bit corny and for some reason the quality did not turn out as good as I wanted it to.  I think the uploading to youtube and/or my video editing software must have a compression setting on it.  The original isn’t quite as blurry.  I’m still figuring out how to do this video stuff!  Anyway, hope you can see what I’m doing!

The digitizing of the nightgown pattern is coming along, although a lot slower than I thought it would be!  I sure do wish I had some patternmaking software for the computer that would help me do this faster!  If any of you readers out there happen to love a particular product that you use or have used in school please drop me a line or a comment.  I’d love to hear your experiences on taking your paper patterns and turning them into digital files.

Anyway…enjoy the video!

~Happy Sewing!



1 thought on “McCalls 6604 – Celebrating National Sewing Month with a new Blouse!”

  1. The last few comments I have made did not go through! Maybe they were too critical? Probably not. I try to be positive. Will try again. I have to tell you I had visions of Sr. Leonie, my old high school home ec. teacher trying to teach me how to put in a gathered sleeve! I hated all that basting! (also ended up with the worst seam allowances anyone could imagine, but I wore the garment anyway.)
    As you might expect, I have mastered the sleeve insertion without any basting now, but I do have to admit your demo worked beautifully AND the first time!
    Sorry I cannot be of any help on the technical end. I did hear someone mention power point for drawing a pattern, but have no idea just what they were talking about.


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