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A Walk In The Volo Bog!

I have been wanting to visit this Bog for a while now and finally had that opportunity this past weekend.I don’t think I have been to a Bog before.DSCF2907 The first trail we ventured was the Boardwalk Interpretive Trail.  This is a boardwalk that actually takes you out ON TO the bog and it floats on the surface.  DON’T FALL IN!  Dogs, for obvious reasons are not allowed on this boardwalk, too much of a risk.  Due to the drought Illinois has had this year the bog was actually very dry.  As a result, the vegetation was incredibly lush!  Our guide said that typically we would not be seeing so many of these wildflowers.


There were many…DSCF2916

I think these were called marigolds but we also saw a pitcher plant, ferns, and an iris looking plant that supposedly is a remedy for poisonous DSCF2933 sumac (which was everywhere..the sumac!).

DSCF2931This (above) is a Tamarack and some of that poisonous sumac can be seen in the upper right.  Below is that little orchid looking flower that is supposed to be a remedy for the poisonous sumac…

DSCF2944About halfway along the boardwalk you run into the Mud Pit!!  Ewww!!!  Just a big pit of mud.  Our guide gave us a detailed personal tale of what it’s like to fall into a bog and how to get out!  This looked very scary…


But we were treated to this site of a nesting pair of Sand Hill Cranes.  They certainly did not have any problem walking along the mud…DSCF2942

Those Sand Hill Cranes are actually quite large.  I was trying to use the zoom on my camera as best I could!

Then after the boardwalk trail we took the Deerpath Trail and the Prairie Ridge Trail for some additional exercise and exploration.DSCF2954

There was a lot to see!  Lots of trees, lots of wildlife, flowers, butterflies (even saw a Monarch) and some really interesting native vegetation, including a wild cucumber!  There was still another trail to discover for the next time we come out, and that one we could bring the dogs…



3 thoughts on “A Walk In The Volo Bog!”

  1. We enjoyed the bog walk very much! I don’t think I have ever seen one either, just read about it in my old English gothic novels. Is it very far from you? I’m glad your knee is better so you can enjoy this type of activity again.
    Love, MOM


    1. This was about 15 – 20 miles north and west of us! Not very far at all! Yes, the knee is much better and actually this was something I wanted to do to give my knee a challenge. I needed to walk on some uneven surfaces and this place was perfect. I was tired by the end but it was a beautiful day and I was able to do everything!


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