Going Back to the Nightgown Project – The Photo Finish

Mom made a request to see some photos of the finished Nightgown.  And I am ever so happy to oblige!

Front View:

Side View:

Back View:Front Band Closeup:Front Lace Closeup:Back Lace Closeup:Back Lace Shoulder Closeup:Lace Hem Closeup:

Okay…Hope that covers the bases for the nightgown project.  Friends, I AM NOT GOING TO MODEL THIS for you!  Lordy, Lordy that would be sooooo not right.  You all will just have to use your imagination is all….


3 thoughts on “Going Back to the Nightgown Project – The Photo Finish”

  1. O.K., I have to say it! I do love the lace and the pink, but I am having trouble with the yoke. It’s mixing tailored with the more feminine look of the lace and it’s not appealing to me. Maybe if the lace were backed with the pink it would seem more compatible? (this is what I meant by being critical, sorry) but then if I see it that way others may too. Another thought is that a lace yoke might work better. What do you think? And then, of course, it probably looks a lot better in real life as the pink is probably not as stiff as it appears in the pictures.
    Love, MOM


    1. Hmmm. I’m not sure what you mean by “Another thought is that a lace yoke might work better” and then prior to that sentence you said you didn’t like the lace yoke? Anyway, it doesn’t matter what fabrics get used where, the pattern and this sample just shows this as one option. That’s why we love sewing right? We can make it however we want!


  2. You are right. I thought of that right after I sent off my “comment”. By yoke I was meaning the pink tricot collar piece around the neck. I know what! If you get that trim off the lace dress… sew it onto the collar. There… maybe that would satisfy my need for soft and feminine. On a more positive note, I think your design is quite attractive and unique and would work in many different fabrics.


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