The Crutch Bag Project

The Crutch Bag Project – The PDF Files

I know it has been a year since I made (and used) my crutch bag but I have had some requests for the pattern that I used, for all you who waited patiently, this post is for you!

The following are three pdf files, each file is a different pattern piece for the crutch bag.  I do apologize however, for the life of me I could not figure out how to make this one file!

Here are the files:

The Front and Back Pattern Piece

The Side Panel Pattern Piece

The Outside Pocket

When printing these you’ll need to print without scaling or print actual size.

You can use these pattern pieces and follow along with the entire Crutch Bag Project Posts to make your own until I can figure out how to make all of the instructions and the pattern into one pdf.  (Please, if anyone has insight on the best program for that please let me know!)

This pattern is intended for use by anyone who may ever need to rely on crutches and is not intended for production manufacturing.  It is my gift to you, the injured or disabled, in the hopes that your life may somehow be better, and a little more independent!



6 thoughts on “The Crutch Bag Project – The PDF Files”

  1. WOW! What an ingenious way to carry a purse when your hands are obviously occupied holding onto a pair of crutches. Absolutely marvelous! I’ll definitely keep this one in mind if ever I find myself on crutches. Thanks for the idea… and for sharing the pattern.

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    1. Thank you Vernelle! Yes, it’s good to have a pattern on hand…you just never know when you’ll need it! Happy Sewing!


  2. Suggestion for this pattern – once you get your instructions written – you can copy and paste directly to WORD and make it beautiful then save as a pdf – you can MERGE the pdf files by using any pdf merging program. I use MERGE pdf (google it) it is free. You can control the order of your individual files. Super easy!


    1. Wow Linda! Thank you soooooo much for this tip! I had not heard of MERGE so I’m going to try this. I would love to be able to get these patterns into one document…I’ll work on it!



  3. If you send me your e-mail, I’ll merge them for your & send it back to you as one file. It’ll take less than a minute. 🙂


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