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Is It Just Me Or Does This Alter Your Mood Too?

Hi Readers!

I’m a Mood fabrics shopper and as such receive their emails they send out each week.  Today in my in box was the announcement of the Mood Sewing Network featuring their hand-picked selection of 9 bloggers.

Does everyone think this is a great idea?  Or are you like me and have a twinge of pure disgust at this blatant abuse of these 9 blogging ladies?

Really!  I couldn’t believe I was seeing some of my most favorite fashion bloggers being used by Mood Fabrics!  (Yes, I am thinking they are being used.  Or bought or something like that.)

It is one thing to blog about Mood fabrics and share what your experiences are with both the business and the products they offer and it’s another thing to be ‘bought’ by the business and essentially be their mouthpiece for what to me seems like just a pittance.   I really am in disbelief because I would have thought these ladies valued their blogging and their time more than to be used like this in such a way.  I guess I think it is one thing for a company to GIVE you a product for your expert review but just another to now be beholden to the company because you’ve essentially been ‘bought’ when you accepted a ‘fabric allowance’ in exchange for a post.  So is it just me or do any of you share my feelings too?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.


2 thoughts on “Is It Just Me Or Does This Alter Your Mood Too?”

  1. Hmmmm….. one would really have to be a prolific seamstress to produce one project a month! And…. I am sure a lot more than sewing goes into producing that blog.
    But, Mood is in business to make money, right? And if this works for them and the bloggers who can say they are being used. Maybe they would rather get some free fabric for their efforts than nothing at all and also they will get exposure if they are wanting to start a business of their own in the sewing line. In my mind it seems kind of like volunteering when you can’t find a job.
    I never go to the site to see what is on it. Maybe with something like this to spark my interest I might visit them and BUY FABRIC!!! But then, that’s the whole idea, I guess.


    1. Hi Mom,
      Thanks for your response. I guess you sorta hit the nail on the head as far as wanting to get exposure if they were wanting to start a business. Which is why I wonder why Mood chose only to select bloggers that did NOT have a business. I follow so many wonderful bloggers, and some have businesses, or a book or an Etsy Store. Anyway…you know me, I’m always thinking about how women are consistently screwed over (for lack of a better umph word) in the business world. Why are there no men? What about the male fashion sewing bloggers…they exist. What about Gertie and Isis and Victoria and Debbie…etc, etc..

      I guess I don’t want to sound so, um, do I sound weird saying that? I dunno. Mood said they are only interested in bloggers that have talent and a large following…so duh, they want someone to promote their fabrics, but I will tell you that most of these ladies pretty much do that anyway!

      I guess an analogy might be this. If an Iron company (Rowenta) sent you an Iron would you care to talk about your Iron every month and how great it is at pressing your fabric or those perfect points or how great the steam comes out and how easy it is to clean? I dunno…I still have to think about this. I might be reading just way to much into it!


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