Dealing with the unexpected

There’s A Seinfeld Episode In This Somewhere – Look What Showed Up!

I think the Seinfeld episode is called “The Opposite”.  It’s the one where George tries to change his luck by doing everything that would be opposite from what he normally would do.  It is also the episode where Jerry discovers he is ‘Even Steven’.  Jerry throws a twenty dollar bill out the window to test the theory and then he gets the twenty back later in the day…

So I guess this means I probably fall into some kind of ‘Even Steven’ category or something, or someone who is just plain lucky!


I thought for sure my bike bag was gone and that someone had picked it up and taken it home.  On a whim, Jim said to me Wednesday to try calling the Police Department.  I don’t know what made him think it would be at the Police Department but we both figured that the idea may not be that much off the mark.  After all, I thought I might have lost it actually nearby the police station, so the idea wasn’t too far fetched.

I’m not sure if I would have brought the bag to the Police Station if I had found it, probably would have done what a lot of people do and just put it under the sign-posts along the bike trail thinking for sure someone is going to back looking for it.  But needless to say, someone did pick it up, and the day after it went missing someone brought it to our Police Station and on Thursday I made a late afternoon call that went like this…

Me: “Hi, my name is Cathy and I was wondering if you have a lost and found?”

PD: “Uh, no, we don’t have a lost and found…”

Me:  “Well you see I thought maybe I’d try to give you a call to see if someone had brought in a bike bag.  You see I think I lost it really close to your building and I’m just seeing if someone might have turned it in…

PD: “Okay, let me transfer you to evidence”

While on hold, I’m thinking, Evidence???

Evidence Voicemail: “Hi….leave a message…”

Me: “ Hi, my name is… black bag…had a phone in it…had some lettuce, cilantro, a couple of bungee cords, bike lock…lost it Sunday….thanks a lot”

I made that call when I was at work and when I got home guess what was on my answering machine?

PD: “Hello, this is Officer ___________, we believe we have property here fitting your description…”

Me:  “Whoo  Hoo!!!!, Oh man, already fired up a new phone, darn, but I have my bag back!!!! Whooo Hoooo!!!!”

I guess it pays to have absolutely NOTHING in your bag that anybody might want?  I mean, who wouldn’t want MY phone!?! LOL!!!DSCF3209

It was a good end of the week! And last night I got some great sleep, woke up, put my Ipod on and danced around the house cleaning (a rare situation indeed)!

~Till Later!