Dealing with the unexpected

The End of An Era – My 10c Minute Phone RIP

It was a conversation piece for many years but it really wasn’t that old of a phone, at least for me anyway.  I have owned 2 cell phones since the invention of the cell phone, I know most people get a new phone every year or sometimes even several during a year but I like to just see how long they will last.

Well this past Sunday I had this great idea to ride my bike to the Library and then on the grocery store along our bike path here in town.  I’d get some exercise and nail down a few errands in the process!  As luck would have it one of my paneer bags that attaches to my bicycle fell off my bike on the way home and when I rode my bike back along the trail to find it the bag was nowhere to be found.  DSCF3172

I guess I’m lucky that it was just the cell phone, a head of romaine lettuce and cilantro was the only real items of importance that were lost and not my wallet or keys, that could have been just a nightmare!

So Monday I ordered a new phone  and it came today!  That was quick.

I guess in 6 years the plan has now doubled in price.  I sure wish investments would double in price in 6 years, wouldn’t that be great!?!  I used to just get such a kick out of being able to only spend at most $10 a month on cell phone service, so now I’m going to have to fork over 20 cents a minute but I’m okay.  I probably still won’t go over $10 a month, maybe $15, we’ll see how this goes…DSCF3174