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I’ve Been Invited To Exhibit a Painting!

Hey Readers!

So you all know I’ve painted, oh what was I on when I last counted, nine?   Anyway.  After the Plein Air competition I entered I was asked to exhibit this coming January.

Here’s my painting.  Again…don’t laugh too much.  This is only my 9th painting and this picture of it is just okay.  Looks much better in the dim light of my living room…LOL!

This is my first Plein Air Painting competition and my 9th oil painting, don’t laugh people!

When I received the invite they sent me a link to an article in Plein Air Magazine, so you all can see the winners.  All three of the winners are professional artitsts.  Eddie Corkery is, to me anyway, a master.  His painting really was just full of light and had a quite peaceful subject (mowing the lawn with the dog in the yard).  Although I have no idea when he painted because the entire month was as drab and dreary as can be!!!  But I guess when you do this for a living you can actually wait for the sun to come out!

Here’s the link!


I actually am allowed to exhibit up to three paintings but I sadly haven’t been out to paint!!  Oh, I wonder how I can get out there in the cold to do another?!



2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Invited To Exhibit a Painting!”

  1. I may be prejudiced, but I think your painting is, indeed, good enough to “show”. Isn’t it nice that practice does make perfect?


  2. Just accept the fact that you are talented and gifted! Beautiful painting, it will show well.


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