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The Pup Report – It’s been a busy week

Hi Everyone,

I thought I would update you all on the health of our little charge.  Here she is dressed up and ready to go for a walk (taken last winter after that t-shirt rug finish).

Well, in the last week we have heard the news from the needle aspirations and have gone back for a chest x-ray and an ultrasound.  The results of the needle aspirations (I hope I’m getting that terminology correct) was unfortunately inconclusive.  I guess it was unfortunate because the Dr. couldn’t definitively say what kind of cancer the tumors were or what stage the cells were in but later on in our conversation he said it may not necessarily be bad.

So last Friday I dropped off the girl to spend the day at the Vet to be prodded and poked some more and they found some issues that they think were causing or part of her mammary gland tumor.  She has some cysts on her ovaries and they believe that is all connected with the tumor so she’s going to need to be spayed.

I know, she’s not spayed, don’t yell at me, I didn’t realize she wasn’t spayed…it’s a long story.  I clued in when she was getting a little frisky with Jamba, again, it’s a long story.

Anyway, the Dr. was optimistic and we went ahead and scheduled a day to do the surgery.  I have to wait until she is over her heat cycle (did I mention the long story?) and that puts us having this surgery in about 2 weeks.

Funny thing is Jamba is scheduled for his neuter the same day.  That is going to be a very interesting day and week!  I’m going to have two dogs in matching ‘cones of shame’!

We are hopeful that everything go well and Holly will live a long and happy doggie life!

In other interesting news I have become a little Denim obsessed.  Okay, not really obsessed…but very interested in the whole world of custom denim.  I know I’ll have to do a post on this because I think I opened up a proverbial denim can of worms and I’m having to learn about so much!  But more on that later.

Thanks for all the support for Holly everyone, we appreciate the kind words, and we appreciate hearing what everyone would do in the situation.  It is always interesting to hear the gamut of thoughts on pet care!!!

Till later…


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  1. One of my cats, Misty, was given to us by someone that got her from another friend when she was being mistreated. We were told she was spayed and never had unfixed animals before so we didn’t recognize what was going on at all and she didn’t get spayed for a while after we had her. I have a six-month old puppy that was just spayed and she came home that after noon without any pain or grogginess and didn’t even need a cone to keep her from licking. I hope your pup has as easy a time.


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