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Hungry Girl Shows Me How To ‘Do’ Cereal!


Hey Everyone!

I was at Menards yesterday looking for flooring samples and I passed by a bin of clearance books and right on top was this Hungry Girl cook book.  Now, prior to Weight Watchers I had never even heard of Hungry Girl, or Lisa Lillian.  Yes, I live under a rock sometimes.

Anyhoo…I picked up this book and was reading the recipes in the first chapter…”Wake Up…it’s time to Chew!!!”.  LoL, love the attitude there!

There is a recipe for a HUGE bowl of cereal that I just had to try.  I like cereal for a quick breakfast during the weekdays, especially on days when you just don’t want to cook anything and it’s either cereal or swinging through the McDonalds Drive Thru!DSCF3789

I had to change it up slightly as I don’t like soy milk and I’m using a different Fiber One type of cereal…but here’s what I did…


1 Cup Kik
1 Cup Puffed Rice (Jewel, on clearance for .99c)
1 Cup Puffed Wheat (Jewel, on clearance for .99c)
1/2 Cup Millville Get Balance High Fiber Cereal (at Aldi…includes bits of puffed wheat)
1 Cup of Almond Milk (Aldi Brand)
1/4 Cup Frozen Blueberries (from our trip to Michigan)


it really IS the LARGEST bowl of cereal EVER!!!!  It took me forever to eat but was really fun to be able to chew all of that…didn’t feel like a diet meal at all.  I know I could reduce this by half and be just fine!

So then it was time to go and look up how many points this was…

Yes, I can reduce this by half but for days I want to just chew and chew…9 points plus  (6-7 points plus if you don’t count the blueberries) so a good half of this would be about 3-4 points plus and then combine this with a zero point banana and I’m smiling happy!  This Hungry Girl becomes Happy Girl!

Hungry Girl, I’m glad I finally met you!