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My First Artist Reception…



Hi All,

Here is a quick snap of me next to my painting at the reception.  I know I’m looking really tired!!!  Uggh, but it was good to go and meet all the other artists that were in the exhibit.  I asked a lot of questions and got some great tips for planning my next adventure painting outdoors.

I even picked up a new Field Easel yesterday…I almost know what I’m doing!  Almost…still a ways to go yet!


4 thoughts on “My First Artist Reception…”

  1. I think your painting stands out very well in comparison with the others. I’m also glad you are doing this! What fun it will be to have your own originals of the local scene decorating your home. It has to be a great feeling to know you can accomplish this. I always thought I would do that “some day”, but that day never came.


    1. Well, I guess it’s a lot like being able to crochet a tree full of snowflake ornaments or complete a crochet tablecloth or knit. Putting paint to canvas is much quicker tho!


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