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Weight Loss Journey Quilt Project – Block #5 – “January Thaw!”

Hi Friends!


For the next block in this series I’ve chosen to do a block that will mark off the passing of time.  “January Thaw!” is a traditional block pattern that has just the appropriate name considering it is supposed to be 60 degrees today!!!

You can see my draft below…DSCF3863Friends, I want to share with you that I am not mathematically inclined.  I remember, just barely, Middle School and High School geometry but for the life of me it took me about an hour and a half to figure out how to determine the dimensions of the square within a square to come out 2″ finished for that middle square!!!!  You can see my notes at the bottom.

I decided the best way to test my math skills was to then to draw the pattern on the computer and use these for the templates.  Here is the file:  January Thaw Quilt Block Patterns

To make the 1/4 Square triangle blocks I used the method of matching two squares together and sewing along the diagonal 1/4 each side of center to make two 1/2 square triangles, then cutting those in two to make the 1/4 square units.

I did not take any ‘How To’ pictures on this block…I thought about it later but figured if you all wanted the pattern to do yourself you’d be able to figure it out from that…

Block Name: January Thaw, Traditional Design
Finished Size: 6″
Difficulty Rating: Medium
Number of Pieces: 29
Method of Construction: Traditional
Weight Loss Progress: -9

Happy Sewing!


6 thoughts on “Weight Loss Journey Quilt Project – Block #5 – “January Thaw!””

  1. The name is perfect for northern Indiana too! I have thunderstorms right now…my windows and sliding doors are open! Unbelievable!…but I am not complaining. Way to go on the weight loss and the new block! 🙂


    1. It’s awesome! It’s one of those crazy days that if you forgot to plant your tulips last Fall you can do it today! But tomorrow we’re supposed to get all cold and winter again! Bummer.


      1. I keep waiting for it to freeze for more than two days so i can trim my roses…again. oh well! Sooo not looking forward to the cold unless it comes with snow.


  2. I clicked on your January Thaw Quilt Block Patterns and wondered how in the world did you do that!? And if you can do it that way, why would anyone try it any other way. Of course, I am saying this as a quilt and computer program ignorant person and feel like I’m living in the dark ages. You amaze me with your talents.
    Love, MOM


    1. Hi Mom! Exactly! How in the world did I figure that out!?! Here’s the solution…

      I knew the square is made up of two isoceles triangles with two legs of equal length. All I knew was the length of the hypotenuse, 2″. If the pythagorean theorem is A squared plus B squared = C squared and C squared is the 2″ then all I needed to do was find the square root of 2 to give me the dimension.

      On the computer in accessories is a calculator. Type in 2 and hit the square root key…you get 1.414. To check the math….

      1.414 squared (is 1.99999) plus 1.414 squared (is 1.999999) should equal 2 squared (4). If you round everything it is 2 + 2=4 TA DA!!!!


      In WORD, use the Drawing tool bar and choose a Square. Insert a square onto your page. Then in the object properties change the dimension of the square to 1.414″ width and 1.414″ height. Change the line pattern to a dash (to show that is the sewing line). Then make another square 1/2″ larger (so 1.914″ x 1.914″) and use the order tool to put it behind the smaller square. Group the two objects together and that becomes the pattern for the square!

      Hope you didn’t get lost….but it makes sense once you do it and WORD makes it easy!


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