Weight Loss Journey Quilt

Weight Loss Journey Quilt Project – Block #6 – “Even Steven”

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday was weigh in day and just as I’d feared this day would come, I’m even for the week.

So in honor of being even my next block in this journey is “Even Steven” (faint reference to Seinfeld for those of you interested in the humor here).Even Steven Block

The block is rather a boring little number I have to admit, but it completely illustrates what weigh in day was like for me yesterday!

A straight yellow (panic) line in the middle of a glorious green field of weight loss!  The line is neither higher nor lower.

You should of seen me yesterday morning, in a panic trying to find my same clothes for weigh in.  I stepped on the scale at home and it was NOT what I wanted to see and NO WAY was I going to be OVER what I was last week.  Yes, I was in a panic to try and find the EXACT same clothing from the week prior.  I mean, what if I wore something heavier, I’d be risking complete disappointment on the scale at Weight Watchers!

Egads!  Fortunately, I guess it wasn’t a total failure, I was actually down .4 of a pound…whew!!!

I know there’s going to be a day when the number on the scale is going to go up for that week, I’m just not ready to face it yet!  Uggh!  Do any of you that have gone through this have this panic as well?

So here is the pattern for “Even Steven”: Even Steven Block

Block Name: Even Steven, Original Design
Finished Size: 6″
Difficulty Rating: Super, Super Easy
Number of Pieces: 3
Method of Construction: Traditional
Weight Loss Progress: -9.4

Happy Sewing!