Building a Quilt Design Wall – Part 1

I’ve seen them out there, rather elusive, in their exposure on blogs or quilt websites.  Usually they’re hidden behind the cropping of the photograph but I know there must be a way to have one too, the Quilt Design Wall that is!

But I don’t want one that is a permanent fixture, I just don’t have the space, and I don’t think I’ve got the room to set up one of these portable units.

Currently I’ve been using the wall in our guest bedroom, but I just use push pins to pin-up the quilt tops.DSCF3374.jpg

I’ve managed to put in a couple dozen holes in the wall over time…broken a few push pins (and finger nails) along the way but feel with my increase in quilting adventures it’s time to come up with a design wall solution.

You know…I have this Weight Loss Journey Quilt going on and I need to have these blocks out in the open, a reminder of my journey, and an inspiration to keep going and to keep being creative!

So here is what I’m doing.  The first thing is to come up with the idea, something that can be easily made by me….BUT…could have some added design style if I could utilize the skills and tools of my dear husband…DSCF3845

So first things first…ask DH to look through our stockpile of wood and see if we have anything that begs to be upcycled into something new!


During the ‘Consultation’ phase I choose this piece.  Formerly a shelf in a previous life it has the dimensions suitable to make my idea work.  Jim notes that I’ll have to Piece together my idea but I am soooo okay with it.  It will work!

Now, what you all can barely see here is Jim measuring my piece of cut cork board.DSCF3844

He’s measuring this piece of cork so I can let him know how wide I want my pieces of wood cut…then I stand back and make sure there are NO distractions.  A table saw needs 100% concentration!


My boards have been cut (do they call this ripped in woodworking?)…DSCF3848

Next up is to then cut each of these boards to a length that will fit the most usable width of my wall, each board then became 4 feet long…DSCF3849

Now…we could end this process right here but naaaagh!  We’ve got tools we need to use down here!  “Honey, can I have a routed edge?”  SURE!!!  (Love that man!)

Jim sets up the router…


and gives me that rounded edge!DSCF3854

Here is the board…DSCF3858

Just a thing of beauty.

And then sanded…DSCF3860

Gotta love the power tools!

And voila!  My idea is starting to come to life…DSCF3859


Ready for paint….

Stay tuned for part 2!

Happy Sewing, Happy Quilting, Happy Woodworking everyone!