Playing With Crumbs


This is my crumb basket, the last resting place for all those little bits of fabric that I just can’t bear to throw away!  I’m not sure it is actually possible to completely empty a crumb basket because there is ALWAYS something being tossed into it!  But I try.  I really do.  Sometimes I’ll spend DAYS just piecing little bits together.


That’s what I’ve been doing this past week.  In addition to my goal this year of completely emptying my string basket I know I’ve got to also tackle this crumb basket before it starts to take over.

Working with crumbs is a personal choice, you either like it or you don’t.  It is so different than any other type of piecing that I can totally see how some people don’t even attempt it.  But on days when I just want to sit and sew I like to dump out a pile of bits and just start sewing things together and admire what comes out at the other end of a session.

Contrary to what you might think, these crumb blocks actually go together quickly, AS LONG AS YOU DON’T THINK TOO MUCH!Crumbs2-4-13

Here’s a few of them on the design wall.  I’ve added an ecru border around each block.  I have a plan to make 100 of these little guys ( each block is 4″ finished) and I hope to put them in a field of white with a red border.

So far I’ve made 40 of these blocks and that crumb basket photo above was taken AFTER the 40.  So as you can see…I’ve still a ways to go yet to get that basket down to scale and working towards 100 blocks should hopefully do the trick!

In other news today, we are off to a CCI event this afternoon.  Our little 8 month old  youngster, Mr. Jamba, will be doing some group training today.DSCF3868

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  1. Just wanted to tell you how much I’m loving your blog. Love your Crumb Basket. Love that you’re working on losing weight (so am I). Mostly just enjoying your creativity. Thank you.


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