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Finally Figured Out Ricky!


Hi Everyone!

This is going to be a real quick post because I finally figured out AND COMPLETED that Ricky Tims binding on my Carolina Christmas Quilt!DSCF4473

I know, I’m slow, so what else is new!?

This was finished at quilt retreat and am just now getting around to putting a post together to let you know how it turned out.

To backtrack, here are the previous posts on the Ricky Tims binding…

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Practicing My Piping

After that piping step I inadvertently made a mistake sewing the piping strip to the binding strip, in short, I sewed it together using water soluble thread!  WRONGO! Then when I sewed the combined pieces to the quilt I realized what I had done (water soluble thread would have dissolved and the piping portion would have come apart!).

Then surgery happened… (which made lifting this quilt impossible…so it sat…)

And the mistake sat around…

But it is finished now!  Almost a year and a half!  I took the piping apart and re-sewed them together using the proper thread, then attached the binding all around the quilt.  It took a couple of hours, mostly because I slowed down trying to figure out the corners.

The other thing that slowed me down was the 7/16th seam allowance.  I must have used a thicker cotton batting than what Ricky used because I could not see how he was getting a 7/16th seam allowance!  No matter, I made it work!

I will say though, after putting this binding on I’m going to continue this method, or some variation of a piped or flanged binding that is sewn on.  It works and looks great!

Thanks Ricky for the instructions in your video!


(I’ll post a picture of the finished quilt once this rain stops and I’m able to hoist it outside for a photo!)  this is a picture of the top…carolinaxmas1 018-1

Started: December 2009
Finished: April 2013
What I Learned:
1. Bonnie Hunter makes BIG quilts
2. Bonnie Hunter uses A LOT of pieces
3. I can do this
4. I’m not good at Hand Quilting!
5. I didn’t need to buy a machine quilting system…
6. I learned how to FREE MOTION QUILT with this quilt
7. I learned how to do the Ricky Tims binding!
8. Now that this one is finished, all other quilts will go much faster!

Happy Sewing!