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Scenes From the Dashboard — A Deluge of Rain!

Hi All!

Northern Illinois was hit by a monster storm yesterday that dumped a TON of rain in a very short amount of time.  The ground is saturated and whenever this happens around here we get flooding.  Have I mentioned how flat this area is in the past?  Can’t remember if I have or not, but no matter, you all get the idea…

Here’s the backyard… a swamp…


Then it was my commute to and from work… I was going over and over the routes to take to and from work knowing full well the Des Plaines River was going to interfere with any direct access to get me where I needed to go!Can’t go this way!

The first sign of trouble…Police are turning traffic back in the direction they came…DSCF4491

More Police Up Ahead!DSCF4493

The Des Plaines River is at a record height!DSCF4494

Streets flooded!DSCF4501

Hmmmm, how high is that water????


This football/soccer field is toast…DSCF4515

Taking the KAYAK for a spin around the soccer field?…DSCF4507

Can’t go that way…DSCF4505

Another storm cloud in the distance…looking ominous…DSCF4519 The cloud is travelling fast…DSCF4520 Within minutes it is on top of me!DSCF4521

Schweww!  It passed!

I hate storms but if it isn’t storming in April in Chicago it wouldn’t be Chicago in April!!!


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