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More Painting – #11 and #12

Last Wednesday I spent another session at the municipal center.  I haven’t quite figured out water yet but still trying!

Sorry, the photo of the painting is blurry but it is still in progress…DSCF4736

and today I spent a few hours at another location, this time the Nature Center.  There was a lot of ground to cover and I spent a good hour walking around only to return to the entrance and paint this bird house.DSCF4769

A closer look of the painting.DSCF4770

I have shadows yet to add and some ledges but I was getting tired and thought it best to stop.  I can fill those in later.  The rules say you have to paint at least 85% of the painting on-site and touch ups can be done at home.  I’ll let this sit for the night and look at it in the morning.

Which one to complete for the turn in?  Choices choices!!!



3 thoughts on “More Painting – #11 and #12”

  1. They both look nice and I can definitely see improvement in your techniques. I tend to think the pond scene is more plein aire but the bird house is better defined and I like the tree limb in the background. Are you allowed to sneak a bird in?


    1. I know, me too. I think of that pond scene too as plein air but my water and trees are not the best. I may go with the bird house. I ‘roughed’ in a bird at the top of one of the houses…it flew in just at the end of my session and another landed on one of the platforms. Yes, I can add them in, that would be cute.


    2. As far as the competition goes it doesn’t really matter because I’m just doing this for experience and have no chance of winning anything. Far too many pros in the competition. It is just a great chance to see other painters out, learn from them, and practice the craft!


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