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Scenes From The Dashboard — Robbery In Progress?

Hey All!

It’s never a dull commute for me.  Okay, maybe sometimes, but more often then not lately there’s always something crazy going on.

So yesterday, I’m driving along minding my own business when cop cars come flying out of nowhere and pull into this Shell station!  Ooh!  Ooh!  What’s going on?  A robbery?

The traffic has come to a standstill because the police sirens trigger the lights.  We sit for what seems like 10 minutes.  I look over my shoulder and take this photo…


There are three police officers and two men being frisked…DSCF4738

Let’s see if we can read some body language.

“Son, we need to search your vehicle”

“But Officer, I didn’t do anything!”


move along, nothing to see here!DSCF4740

“See, there’s nothing, we weren’t doing anything!”

Both men were allowed to tell their side of the story and the car came clean.

I’m still at the stop light…waiting.DSCF4741

Geez, look at the price of gas!DSCF4742

…and through all this excitement Jamba is sound asleep!DSCF4743 The light eventually did turn and it was time to go.  Never saw anything in the papers about it so I suppose it was a false alarm.  You just never know and I don’t think we can be too careful these days but I feel kinda bad for these two guys.  I’m guessing it was the hoodie!

What do you think?


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    1. LOL! It’s a Chinese mass produced cheapy! (It actually is falling apart and poly batting is coming out)…not really so nice. But I like the design.


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