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Learning EQ7!

Hi Everyone!

A few weeks ago I decided to purchase EQ7 (Electric Quilt version 7).  It was just one of those things I’ve had on the mind for a while, especially after following Laura over at LC’s Cottage and seeing all of her designs she’s been doing, I finally went ahead and purchased it!

I will say though, there is a serious learning curve!  I know the videos make it look easy, and I’m sure it is once you know what you are doing, but friends, it has taken me several sessions to get the hang of it!

For my first effort, I wanted to make the Little Wheels quilt and publish it here on the blog.  This will look familiar…Little Wheels

But it is not EXACTLY like the quilt I made, close, but not exactly.  What was so different were the borders.  I couldn’t figure out how to replicate what I did manually with the border feature in EQ7.  No matter, I actually like having it completely figured out for me (which EQ7 did)!

Now the fun part, which I finally got to experience, was being able to change the fabrics and color combinations!  What would this quilt look like in pastels?Little Wheels pastels

Oh this is sooooo cool!!!

Or what about my collection of pink and yellow fabrics???Little Wheels Girl Pink and Yellow

Wow.  So cool!  I am soooo glad I bought this software.  I can see the doors to creativity opening up!

Now all I need to do is figure out how to print out the cutting directions!

Talk soon, I’m going to go play some more!