Bird Watching

Sometimes It’s What The Tree Holds!

Can you tell from this vantage point there is a big grey blob in a tree off in the distance?DSCF4866

Me neither.

Getting a little closer, how ’bout now…DSCF4867

Look for a football shape in the center of the photo.  Do you see it?

This morning when I was taking the dogs for their morning communal with nature I spotted something in the tree and when I returned home I grabbed my camera and walked back to the tree to get a picture.

I can’t say I’ve ever seen a Great Blue Heron roosting in a tree like this…DSCF4874

Do they make their nests in trees?  Oh, so much to learn about these flying creatures!

Zooming in closer..DSCF4870

and closer still…DSCF4872

It must have been the weather that put him/her up in the tree?

At any cause, it was a good sighting.  Fun to see things in unexpected places.  The weather you see is the remnants of that storm that blew through Oklahoma.  So sad about what happened in Moore.

Jamba and Holly…and Chloe too picked out their favorite story…

They’re glad to see Bazzie made it through…

More later…