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So We Went to an RV Show And…

One thing led to another and before I knew it…DSCF5645

I signed the longest, most ridiculous, piece of Illinois legalese paperwork I’ve ever seen! (and I even have a smile on my face!)…

…and I can’t wait to use it!



We’ll take delivery in a few weeks since we are having some modifications done to the coach to accommodate a longer bed!  We thought it was funny how the manufacturers make these trailers 7 feet tall on the inside but have mattresses made for someone 5 feet 5 inches tall!

For those of you that are new to reading this blog and don’t know about my lifelong re-occurring dream of  taking off in an RV, probably most recently posted in  THIS POST , I have been seriously researching a trailer ever since coming home from Michigan on our last camping adventure.

During that trip, just a few weeks ago, what I longed for MOST was a BATHROOM!  Forget about being cold and wet, it was the BATHROOM that would have made it so much more enjoyable for me.  I’m not going to bore you (nee gross you out) with the details of WHY, those of you that camp will understand.  Of course, being able to take MY OWN BED with me will be awesome!

I didn’t exactly plan on buying today but when we were shown this coach I kinda fell in love and being end of year clearance, well, I kinda started going through my checklist of the things I wanted/needed…

  • Weight.  The trailer needed to be light enough for our truck to tow very easily.  This trailer is 4,213 pounds.
  • Length.  I wanted a smaller trailer so it would be easier to tow and back in and out of spots.  This trailer, tip to tail, is 23 feet.
  • Bathroom.  I wanted a bathroom with enough space to, ahem, maneuver. This coach’s bathroom has plenty of space, with a tub/shower.
  • Sink.  Hate those double sinks that are in RV’s.  This one has a HUGE single bowl sink with a high faucet/wand…pretty awesome.
  • Bed.  We needed a walk around bed.  I don’t like crawling over Jim to get in and out of bed.  This trailer has a short queen size bed…but we are having them add 6 inches to accommodate our feet!  It will ultimately be able to accommodate a full size queen mattress when all done and still be able to pull in the slide room!  Nice.
  • Oven.  Check.  I didn’t want just a burner.  We have an oven and a microwave.
  • Outdoor Kitchen.  I thought that would have been nice but this trailer is too small.  It does come with a grill that attaches to the bumper so there was some compromise there!
  • Guest Bed.  The dinette turns into a bed if we ever need to do that.
  • Dog/Pet Space.  With the dinette slide extended there’s room to put a dog bed in the corner.  Nice!
  • Storage.  Plenty of storage for camping trips and over 2200 pounds of carrying capacity.  Nice!
  • Price.  Needed to be within my budget.  Check!
  • Quality.  I did not want something that was going to fall apart.  I hope my instinct is right on this one but only time will tell right?

I know…I don’t ask for much!

More to come!


(I’m kinda giddy right now so I’ll be back with more!)

6 thoughts on “So We Went to an RV Show And…”

  1. Hi, I found your blog through Sew Can She – Braided T-shirt Rug tutorial. So glad I did! Congrats on your new travel trailer. It looks very nice. I’m also a proud owner of a camper. We started with a travel trailer several years ago and now have a 5th wheel. We were at Sam A. Baker State park in MO just last weekend. It was gorgeous! I’m so with you on the bathroom/bedroom requirements. I don’t ask much but gotta have some basics! Looking forward to updates and more photos!


  2. I know exactly how you feel! For me, “camping out” is a hotel without room service! We have a 30′ camper but we haven’t used it in over a year because hubby developed macular degeneration. Sorta hard to maneuver something that big with limited vision! But it has all the amenities of a small house. Do you have the refrigerator with the freezer on top?

    I love looking at all the different campers and their layouts – it’s like looking at doll houses for grown-ups! You just need to make sure there’s plenty of room for yarn and sewing stuff.


    1. That’s so funny, LOL! but I’m sorry to hear about your husbands MD! That is such a hard one.

      I’m like you, I love looking at all the floor plans too. I opted for a small trailer mostly because I want to be able to do it and not feel intimidated. Some of the trailers are just so big. This being our first I opted for ‘starter’ level!!

      Yes! We do have a refrigerator with a small freezer on top. The model is Premier 19fbpr. It was built in May not more than 125 miles from here. We are very excited!

      Yes, there’s storage in the dinette and in a wardrobe in the bathroom. I can totally see a stash of sewing supplies tucked in there for a good ‘sewing at camp’ session!


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