Home Improvement – Is this photographic proof I helped?

Jim came into the room and asked me if I had ‘set’ that board.

“Why yes I did!” said I.


Jim was making it look easy so I took the liberty of grabbing that hammer and whacking in a few nails.  I had a bit of a gap so I stopped at just 1 board.  I really wasn’t wearing the proper shoes anyway, but hey!  I got to experience that power nailer…pretty cool!

Jim was making it look easy, but I know it wasn’t.


The floor in the living room is halfway finished!  Now we have to put together our game plan for the next phase!


Slowly but surely we are making progress!


3 thoughts on “Home Improvement – Is this photographic proof I helped?”

  1. That does look nice. I guess anything worthwhile is not going to be easy. There seems to be a law! It’s nice you put that window in too… now you have a place to put stuff.


  2. Hi Cathy, I’d like to ask your permission to use one of your photos on the blog of Quiltmaker magazine (I work for them). It’s of some units you made for the Roll Roll Cotton Boll mystery quilt. Here is its URL:
    I would be ever so grateful if I could use the photos. I would credit you and link back to your blog, of course. Thanks for your consideration.
    Kind Regards,
    Diane Harris
    Interactive Editor


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