Pet Antics!

A Feeding Time Story – Our Typical Twice A Day Routine


Everyone is eating outside these days including Jim and I mostly due to the fact that our first floor is under construction and there just isn’t anywhere to eat!

The dynamic between the CCI Service Dog in training, Jamba, age 14 months, Holly, the 10 lb cockapoo, age 7 and now recovered from her health ordeal and Chloe, our fearless calico cat, age 5 I find to be pretty funny.  Body language on this pack is priceless.

First of all everyone gets a ‘special meal’.  Jamba gets Eukanuba because that is what the organization requires him to eat.  I usually put in a few ice cubes in his bowl for him to move around so he learns not to eat too fast.  He eventually eats those too but not until the end.

Holly gets a soft meal with some added dry food on top, a kind she can eat easily.

And miss Chloe would be happy with ground up raw sirloin of mouse but she likes to get a can of Friskies every once in a while too.


Everyone eats pretty good, Jamba is usually the first to finish however.DSCF5754

Not much I can do about that, even though he’s the last to even GET his food!


He’ll usually go over to Holly’s bowl and stare at her while she eats…DSCF5757

Done yet?


Yup!  Have at it!DSCF5759

I’m going to the pool!DSCF5761

Awesome!!! (This is why I only give her just a little bit, sometimes she finishes sometimes she tosses Jamba the crumbs).DSCF5760

The vacuum usually cleans up in seconds.  Dyson has NOTHING on this guy.  And it usually includes a pre-dishwasher thorough scrub down…DSCF5763

Then it’s back to the ice cubes… Oh the LOVE of ice cubes!!!DSCF5767 DSCF5766

What a Moron…we know that’s what she’s thinking…

DSCF5768Then it’s just a quick check to see if Chloe needs anything, even though Chloe comes off a bit aloof and a tad ‘catty’ at times, Jamba forgives her all the time…DSCF5769

Hey Chloe, did you finish?  I can still smell some good stuff on your plate.  You gonna eat that?DSCF5770

Oh you smell so good!  Please please please can I have it?!?


No!  Go away!

To which time the feeding session comes to an end.  Everyone moves along about their business and waits for the next one!