Off the beaten trail, Scenes From the Dashboard Series

Scenes From the Dashboard – Jarod’s Subway, More Windmills, Deer

Hey Everyone!

Happy back to school!  Last weekend was pretty busy as my nephew asked me to help him move to college…along with the help of his Mom, and of course our truck.

Moving off campus is a big deal for any young person.  It’s the first time you are really on your own!  You have rent, bills, cleaning and up-keep and you have to be responsible, plus you have to get some furniture!  No more dorm supplied furniture!

Sorry, I don’t have photos of my nephew, his new digs and so forth, thought I’d keep all that private, just between family, but he did show us around town and after driving past this Subway probably 5 times I finally got a picture!DSCF5691

This is the Jarod Subway.  Made famous by Jarod Fogle, the Subway spokesperson, remember him?  This is the Subway he visited when he was losing all his weight.  I had no idea!

Then just up the street three deer were grazing away in the front yard of this house! Rather daring!


Two fawns, still with their spots, and the mother.  One fawn looks to have a radio collar.  I’m sure it’s some scientific research project, who knows!

Then it was off to Wal-Mart for the last haul of the trip…lots of food and supplies!DSCF5683

Jamba came on the trip too!  He was a little nervous, not really knowing where he was going, but was a big trooper.  I was only stopped 5 times, or close to that, the whole trip with people asking about the dog.DSCF5672

We actually packed everyone into the Tacoma during some of the trips around town.  It was a tight fit!

Once all the running around and getting the nephew settled in we headed for home.  Time went by so fast.  Before we knew it, it was getting late and as it were we wouldn’t be home until way past 10pm.

I thought I’d take some more photos of the windmills north of Lafayette on the way home.  I still can’t believe how many have been put up.  To me this is just sickening.DSCF5703




For miles and miles, as far as you can see, stretching all across Indiana and through Illinos.  It’s a complete Bird blender and a huge eyesore.  Just put up another nuclear plant already and take these things down!!!

Then it was dark by the time the skyline of Chicago came into view.  I was driving and asked my sister to take a few photos of the full moon….DSCF5709

Nope, that’s a street lamp…but you can sorta tell the Willis Tower.  Okay, try again…DSCF5707

that blurry white light in the middle of the screen is the full moon.  Really.  What can I say.  My expectations were a little high for my little camera!