Sunrise and Sunflowers

Good Morning!!!

Wake up! Rise and Shine!


Since this being Saturday I’m able to spend a little more time in the morning wee hours put-zing around the yard and garden.  The weather is starting to get Fall-ish but not quite.  We are still about 75 degrees in the morning which is really nice!  But the sun is coming up later and later which is always a real drag!

This morning I waited for the sun to come up over the sunflowers in hopes of getting some pictures.  I haven’t grown a sunflower in probably 10 years and wanted to save for future reference what these looked like!  Every year I try to plant something I haven’t done before (or at least with these sunflowers, haven’t had them in 10 years).


This year it is sunflowers and Brussels Sprouts!  I know, clever combination, but hey, it’s been an interesting experience as both of these plants basically take ALL season to grow and don’t get harvested until Fall.

Here’s the sprouts…


Not until it turns cold will these be ready to cut off the stalk, so about another 3-4 weeks and we should be ready!


…and the sunflower seeds should be ready to harvest too!

here’s more photos from our morning walk …a huge mushroomDSCF5820 DSCF5819

…and Jamba being socialized to our neighborhood flock of ducks!DSCF5825  DSCF5823

~Happy Saturday everyone!


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