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Floor Progress – The Baseboard!

Hey Everyone Again,

While I’m on a roll I thought I’d post an update on the Home Improvement front.

Jim took off a few days and started putting in the baseboard trim…DSCF5907

The floor is complete in the Living room and Dining room (awesome!) and the only things left to do now are the baseboards, shoe molding and filling in the face nail holes with wood putty (I think its putty – anyway, it’s the stuff you coverup the nail holes with).  I need to paint the window yet and there will be some caulking and touch up painting AND THEN THIS PHASE IS FINI!!!


I’m hoping this weekend will wrap up the construction in this room and we can peel off this paper and start moving back in some furniture…


The Dining room/Living room will turn into our main living area during Phase II of the project.  We hope in the next phase to completely rip out the walls in our family room, you can kinda see them in the photos below…DSCF1859DSCF7356

Those are circa 1968 solid wood paneling sheets, glued and nailed onto the walls.  I know, the furniture is mid-century as well so it actually is in keeping with that era.  We debated heavily whether or not to leave this up or take it down and when the project started I felt we could just paint it and be done with it.

That was in April, today it’s a different story.  It’s coming down, which means this room is now Phase II and there’s going to be a lot of dust coming up…

Until more updates, Happy Home Improvement!