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The Inside Arm and Deck!

Now on to the Inside Arm... I am running desperately LOW on fabric so I have to sew pieces together in places that are not too conspicuous such as the Inside Arm and the Deck areas! I hate to do it but in this case because I can't find anymore of this fabric I'm in… Continue reading The Inside Arm and Deck!

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Couch Slipcover Comes Out To Play!

Okay.  I have a confession to make. This project has sadly sat neglected for ...ahem... I can't even remember how long...let me check the calendar...or even better... let me check this here blog... June of 2011 !!!! WoW.  I guess I did have a great excuse, an ACL injury and all and it took a… Continue reading Couch Slipcover Comes Out To Play!

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Home Improvement – The Kitchen Planning Begins!

I just LOVE this above photo.  Complete chaos!  Ha!  Actually, we are moving everything out of the cabinets in this photo so it literally is a complete mess.  But I took a photo none-the-less and our cavern of blegck is here for you all to devour! Can you believe, after almost 20 years we are… Continue reading Home Improvement – The Kitchen Planning Begins!

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The Ground Floor Home Improvement Project – Finally A Sewing Task!

Finally! How long has it been? 6 months? 8 months?  At any rate, we are making forward progress on our ground floor re-do, remodel project and I'm so happy we are at a point I can work on a sewing project!  Window treatments!!! I have 5 windows to cover, each with their own unique challenges,… Continue reading The Ground Floor Home Improvement Project – Finally A Sewing Task!

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Home Improvement Project – Pulling up the old floor!

Hey Everyone, It's been awhile since I've posted an update on our ground floor remodeling project so I thought it would be a good time to get caught up. The process is slow.  We keep a busy schedule and the project gets done little bits at a time.  We have (mostly Jim) pulled up the… Continue reading Home Improvement Project – Pulling up the old floor!


Home Improvement – Wall Color Reveal!

Hi Friends, Family, Followers! We've been busy putting the wall color up on the walls now!  Just to give you a refresher, we chose Benjamin Moore "Dill Weed" as our color and I had it formulated using the Ben series eggshell interior paint and primer.  This runs about $38 a gallon which isn't the cheapest… Continue reading Home Improvement – Wall Color Reveal!

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Two More Surprises Today!

The first one I noticed as soon as I could see my driveway!  A New tree was planted to replace our Ash tree that was cut down during the deforestation emerald ash borer maintenance program last fall.  You can see the stump.  But what a sweet beauty the village replaced it with... I can't wait… Continue reading Two More Surprises Today!