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It’s Hard To Post In The Dark

I haven’t posted in a while, mostly due to THIS!


This is the time of year when it is DARK when I get up, DARK when I go to work and almost DARK when I get home from work.

The dark makes it virtually impossible (for me) to take photos without a flash on the projects I’d like to write about…DSCF6708-001

The photos are blurry and the lighting is meh…wannahockaloogie…blah!

So that leaves me to having to wait for the weekends when I can get some light on my subjects. 

For example, look what was unearthed this weekend behind the wood paneling in the family room…



This is a drawing on the wall of a bookcase, possibly a built-in?  We know the family that lived in our house before us had 4 children, but they were divorced at the time we bought it.  So could this have been in a happier time?  When their children were young?

The house continues to give up its past…and our remodeling work continues on…

Stay tuned y’all!


1 thought on “It’s Hard To Post In The Dark”

  1. I know it’s not even Winter yet, but never fear… Spring is coming and it’s always invigorating so it will put new life into your seemingly endless project!
    I loved the look of the window treatment. The handkerchief linen has a rich, elegant feel and look. I would never have thought of using that. The floor is beautiful and everything is coming together quite well. We enjoyed our visit and look forward to seeing it all complete.
    Love, MOM


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