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The Ground Floor Home Improvement Project – Finally A Sewing Task!


How long has it been? 6 months? 8 months?  At any rate, we are making forward progress on our ground floor re-do, remodel project and I’m so happy we are at a point I can work on a sewing project!  Window treatments!!!

I have 5 windows to cover, each with their own unique challenges, but first up is our new bay window in the living room.

I decided to try something.  I wanted a window treatment that was light and airy, not block out all the light but cover up enough of the window so people passing by couldn’t see in.

Enter the London Shade…


The fabric I chose is a handkerchief linen.  I’m making these unlined to let in as much light as possible.DSCF6579

This room is dark to begin with so having as much light come through is important to me.  I do have a concern about covering the windows and I’m not quite sure how the large picture window will work but these shades are easy enough to make, install and tweak that if it doesn’t work out I can always try something else.

I’ve set up a cutting station in the room and working each window one at a time…DSCF6578

You can see some of that amazing floor!

I’ve worked up a plan for these London Shades and since this first one is the sample I’ll have more updates in future posts to show you how these went together…


Till then…

Happy decorating!  Happy Sewing!



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