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Fabric Depot!


A trip to Portland would not have been complete without a visit to some of their famous fabric stores, right?

Here is Fabric Depot!



I didn’t know what to expect before getting there.  Their website says they are in a building that covers more than an acre so just saying THAT I’m impressed and quite intrigued.

What a great shop!  This has to go down as one of the best.  Lots of choices, many different types of fabrics and the best part are the employees!  Wow!  So many employees working, so many ready to give you help if and when you need it.

Great samples too!



I took a photo of some knits, was seriously looking for black and white striped knits a few years back, look!


More knits…


LOVED the wool suiting!



and the quilting cottons!



Lots and lots of quilting cottons, DRAPED!!!  That takes a lot of work to drape each bolt but I LOVE it.

I bought a knit (no picture yet as it is being shipped home) so you all will see that once it gets here.  I can’t wait to start sewing clothes again this year.  My wardrobe is seriously threadbare and needs updating.  I’ve got lots of fabric in the stash that will definitely be coming out to play in 2014!

More later!


3 thoughts on “Fabric Depot!”

  1. Ooh! Ooh! We keep going to Portland, but without a car, and we never *quite* gear ourselves up to rent a Zip car and get to Fabric Depot. Good stuff? Appeals to creativity and not just frugality? Not that I don’t value the frugality, but I need to restrain myself from filling the stash with “it was such a great deal!” finds that I don’t sew. 🙂


    1. Hi Martha, Yes. lots of good quality fabrics. I was there in winter and I hear during better weather they have a ‘clearance’ section in a fenced in area in their parking lot next to the building where one can find all kinds of bargains. I would say this is a great store to go to if you are looking for quality fabrics at fair price points. Plus, their notions are very well stocked. I needed zippers while there and was thrilled to be able to find matching colors in several lengths! It is worth the trip, even if you just want to see it. I think you can get there on public transportation too.


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