Cruising the Caribbean Day 1 – All Aboard!

Hi Friends,

I’ve been silent here for a week or so due to a special week upon the high seas in celebration of my parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary!  They love cruising so all of the kids and family got together aboard the Oasis of the Seas for a trip of a lifetime!

The snow was on the ground when we left.  Just another cold day in Chicago! Yuck!


We flew to Ft. Lauderdale, FL where the weather was decidedly different! 85 degrees! Below is our approach over the everglades into Ft. Lauderdale.

DSCF7555 DSCF7561

It only took about 30 minutes to check in and get on-board the ship.  We boarded the Oasis of the Seas at approximately 12:30pm.


Our stateroom was ready at 1:00pm, everything was clean and fresh.  We chose to have a balcony as this was our first cruise and we thought that would be a nice experience.


Children were already in the pools!  The ship had an amazing kiddie play area and they all looked like they were having fun!


Of course we stopped at the bar for a celebratory beer!


And walked up to the uppermost deck to look out and watch the send off as we headed out to sea.  Below is a Princess ship that would also be leaving the port.


My brother, Jim and me…


Looking North up the Florida coast as we head out to open water.



Our first night at sea.  Almost a full moon!

DSCF7634 DSCF7635

The trip would take us to Haiti, Jamaica and Mexico.  Lots more photos to come!

This was our first cruise ever.  I’d never thought I’d be taking a cruise, ever in my life.  The thought of being trapped on a boat in the middle of the ocean always gave me the heebee jeebees.  I’m thankful that at least for this trip we boarded the Largest ocean going ship on the planet.  There was plenty of space and plenty to do.

More stories to come!


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  1. Great Blog Cathy…The Picture of you, Jim and Mark is one for our “cruise book”. Think I will forward this to Kevin.


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