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Cruising the Caribbean Day 2 – At Sea!

Day 2 of the cruise we were at sea.  It was hard to see the stars because of the moon, some clouds and the lights of the ship!  But it was very beautiful and quiet, just the sounds of the waves and the wind.DSCF7634

So what is there to do on board?

First there are the shows!

We saw an ice show our first night.  That’s right, an ice show.  The ship has an ice rink of all things…

The show told the story of Hans Christian Anderson and some of his famous stories…DSCF7627 DSCF7626 DSCF7624 DSCF7623

After the show, which was amazing, we remarked how some of the conversation in the interview for the talent must have gone on…

Recruiter: “we have an opening for a talented ice skater, you must be able to perform spins, jumps, work as a team, some times as a pair”

Talent: “yes, I can do that”

Recruiter: “you’ll need to do this while wearing a costume”

Talent: “oh yes, I can do that”

Recruiter: “in the dark”

Talent: “oh yes, skating is second nature to me, I can do it blind!”

Recruiter: “the rink may have some motion to it, possible a little wobbly”

Talent: “no problem”

Recruiter: “the show will have some obstacles that you’ll have to skate around, props, poles, spot lights etc…and the rink is very small”

Talent: “no problem”

We watched in awe as the ice skaters performed some seriously death defying feats of acrobatics in such a small space.

For the rest of the time, I took photos around the ship during the day…

The back of the ship housed 2 flow riders, a basketball court, a mini golf course and a zip line…


The guys got together for a dodge ball tournament…


I watched from the shade and took some reference photos.  I liked the pose of the girl and boy at the railing looking out onto the court framed by these two ladies talking…


The food was really good too!   I took pictures of the two desserts we shared at dinner.  A carrot cake…DSCF7612

And Chocolate Decadence with Vanilla ice cream.  Just yummy!  How in the world was I going to keep from gaining weight?


We stayed up late on the ship.  The next day would be our first Port of Call, Labadee, Haiti.

Stay tuned!