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Cruising the Caribbean Day 6 – The Mayans of Chichen Itza!

Welcome to Cozumel!

The sun was just coming up over the horizon as we approached the small island of Cozumel, Mexico.  This was going to be a VERY long day for us.  Our shore excursion this day was to travel inland  to a place called Chichen Itza and we needed to get started right away!


There were about a hundred passengers that signed up for this tour and we were the first to disembark off of the ship.


Then quickly we board a large ferry boat to take us from the island of Cozumel to the Yucatan Peninsula at a port called Playa Del Carmen.


Never let an opportunity to sell something go to waste, the sale of beverages began immediately…


Then, about 30 minutes later we arrived on the mainland.

DSCF7825 DSCF7826

We immediately found our tour guide Ignacio (Nacho).DSCF7831

And followed him through the shopping area to the buses. DSCF7829   DSCF7833

We stopped briefly so Nacho could pick up a sack lunch…


Okay, seriously, look how cute the sack lunch is packaged…


On the way Nacho shared his necklace with the group.  These two items are famous in the Yucatan.  The first is a rock, though I can’t remember what he called it, but it is black and has a gold fleck sparkle vein in it.  The other item is an amulet made from silver with the Mayan Hieroglyphs of your name stamped into the silver.  I was tempted to get one but the prices were more than the cash I had brought with me. (Note to anyone that goes, bring an ample supply of cash with you!)


As always, I took random pictures outside the window of the vehicle…DSCF7849 DSCF7850  DSCF7852 DSCF7856 DSCF7857

Um, yeah, those were police in the photo above, not really sure what that was all about though.  Just a random check point along the highway.

For the remainder of the pictures I put together an album.  Just click on any of the photos below and you can scroll through them…

…and finally, the video.  I really didn’t take the videos on this trip thinking I’d be making movies so they are not that good, but I thought I’d share anyway since you enjoy seeing what we saw on our trip!



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