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A Project Just Isn’t A Project Without A Mistake

Isn’t that the truth?

First of all Happy Easter to all.  Today is Good Friday, we have the day off work.  It is a day of fasting, services and reflection but this morning I had some time to sit with my current quilt project, the Churn Dash quilt, and work on the borders.

DSCF8303I was doing great adding the borders when I look over and realized I left the 4th side of the inner black border off!…DSCF8302

Do you ever look at something and just don’t realize you are making a mistake and just keep sewing?  Maybe I was just tired.  It didn’t hit me until I was working my way around the quilt, tugging the dog off…DSCF8296

…and so forth before I realized I completely forgot one side!!! Uggh!DSCF8305

So I had to rip out a whole side of the 4 patch border.DSCF8298


I love my Bernina 170 but sometimes the stitching is so nice it is hard to remove.  It took me a good half hour to pick all those stitches out.

I’m exhausted.

~I hope your Easter is a special one.


4 thoughts on “A Project Just Isn’t A Project Without A Mistake”

    1. Ginia, LOL! Yes! I needed your tutorial this morning for sure! I am going to try it next time…because you know there is always going to be that next time. thanx so much….Cathy


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