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More Ebay Fun

Ebay is hit or miss, I think you all know.  It really is a big garage sale but it is great if you are searching for parts for old sewing machines, like I am at the moment.

A package came today bearing more missing pieces, the puzzle is almost complete.


Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans!!! HA!

That label was making me crave those but instead it was a clever little way to package up this bobbin case a few bobbins…DSCF8279

Yay!  I have a bobbin case now.  I saw this and was intrigued about this etching…DSCF8281

It is an anchor.  There are no other markings on the bobbin case and it is pretty shiny so my guess is this was a replacement part made sometime in the last 20-30 years…okay, just guessing.  It might even be a replacement for the Singer 301 machine too.

I thought about that anchor, why is there an etched anchor on this?  Then I remembered reading a snippet on a guild’s web page about a story of bobbin cases being stolen during a retreat/class (I try and devour just about all I can find in my research).  How sad.  So do you suppose someone etched this anchor into their bobbin as a way of ‘marking’ it?

Oh my goodness…do you think I’ve just received a ‘hot’ bobbin?  Flashes of the movie The Red Violin are coming to mind…oh not so much, but just slightly.  The real question here is…does it work in my machine?

It does.  It could be a better fit but it does work.

The project continues!

~Happy Sewing!


2 thoughts on “More Ebay Fun”

  1. Cathy, that is interesting…could have been a Naval officer sewist? It is awfully shiny for a bobbin case for such an old machine. I am going to go check mine.
    When I was in Fashion Design School, I had a roommate without a sewing machine., she wanted to use my brand new machine. When I left the room, for any length of time, I took the presser foot and bobbin case with me.And we all had to buy our own bobbin cases to use in the classroom machines.


    1. When I was in school in the mid ’80’s I don’t think anyone thought of buying our own feet or bobbin cases. Of course we were a small group and it wouldn’t take much to figure out who the thief was. I did have some scissors lifted once but only because I think I left them out! When I worked in the ‘industry’ the machine sewers used to take their feet home with them, but the company always bought new ones where needed, it was more the sewers got used to their feet and that was that. So sad that people resort to theft, especially when sewing and quilting is such a giving hobby. Where did you go to school? How fun to have a design student chime in! Thanks for reading Susan!


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