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A 2″ Square Odyssey

Chop, Chop, Chop!

I need more 2″ squares.  I ran out of 2″ squares to sew together and I need to make a few more 16 patches.  In order to have enough variety I have to cut lots of scrap.  So out came this basket of strings (I have some larger scrap pieces in here as well so that is what I was after)…


I’ve ironed several pieces and began cutting squares…



That basket is my nemesis!  It NEVER goes down! I pulled out my edge-to-edge strings even and it STILL has a ton left in there…



I work on the ironing board with my cut and press, a 2-1/2″ square template and rotary cutter.  Not the fastest but after a while I have a stack of 2″ squares…



I bring them downstairs to where I have the 1941 Featherweight (the one in re-hab) and sew them together…



While I sew I think of calling this chapter in my quilt making experience…”A 2″ Square Odyssey”!  I can think of lots of uses for these little squares.

I even worked up a few ideas to use the 16 patches…


16 patch 1


16 patch 2


16 patch 3

#4…this one I’ve already made a similar version in a lap size top (scroll to the end of the post).  This pattern below was my thoughts for a border on that particular quilt…

16 patch 4

More to come!

Happy Quilting!