Trailer Adventures

Spring. Another Word for Trailer Time!

Hi Everyone!

I’ve had this weekend on the calendar penciled in for months.  The entry “Bring Trailer Home” has finally arrived!  I couldn’t wait to open her up and get her spiffed up and ready for our first ‘real’ season of camping with her.

She is currently in our driveway undergoing her Spring prep…


Jim shakes her down with his ‘to do’ checklist…DSCF8343

…making sure all the joints and squeaks get lubed up…DSCF8340

I work on putting the water heater plug back in place…DSCF8338

So far so good.  Then I get the water hose out and uh oh…I have a problem…DSCF8347

Last Fall I went over my list of liquids to be removed from the trailer but completely forgot about the BLEACH!!!  Oh my goodness.  Thank GOD I had these items in a plastic tub.  I don’t even want to think what could have happened had this bleach bottle not been in the tub but rolling about in the cargo hold.

The bleach ATE right through the elbow connector and pressure regulator…DSCF8351See that hole!?!


Live and learn on that one.  Thankfully these two items can be replaced for about $12.

Then if that wasn’t the thrill of the day when I went to add water to the tank my fill spout went right INTO the tank!!!  A picture of that fill spout is to the right of the water filter and butting up again the sani-wipes (the clear tube on the yellow piece)…ya…see that there?DSCF8345

Gone.  Inside.  The. Tank.

Just like that.  So fair warning to anyone out there…DO not use one of these!!!  They fly off and the water pressure from the hose will fling it right into your fresh water tank.  So now what?

What does one do about that?

We’ve gone over the scenarios and we have decided to keep an eye on the tank and hopefully there will be answer how to fish it out of there but if it becomes an issue we will probably have to remove the tank and somehow get it out!


So that’s where we are so far.  We still have another day to work on her before she has to go back to storage.  I still want to see if the Featherweight is going to fit where I want it and I want to get her washed up…

More Trailer Mishaps Adventures to come!