CCI Puppy Raising, Jamba II

Passing The Leash

Hi Everyone!

It has been a long week.

As most of you know we are volunteer puppy raisers for Canine Companions for Independence.  We raised our 2nd puppy, Jamba, and turned in him last Fall.

Two weeks ago we got the call that Jamba had been pre-matched with a young boy as a skilled companion.

I can’t even begin to tell you all the emotions that are experienced during this process.  During the call we discussed the announcement policy.  Essentialy, due to so many variables, we couldn’t make it public until Jamba had officially graduated.

So I just want you all to know, IT’s Official!  Jamba graduated as a skilled companion dog!  We are so proud of him!


We had a reunion before the ceremony and Jamba was as sweet as ever.  Jim tried to get him to lap…  DSCF8465


…and well…DSCF8466

…he was better adjusted to just being loved on…


The ceremony is public and the team photos are usually published on the CCI website in a week or two after the ceremony.

This was a GREAT match.  I’m so happy for this young boy who really has just the sweetest dog he could EVER have.  There were a lot of smiles and a lot of tears from everyone.

We sat a few rows back and every so often Jamba’s recipient would look over his shoulder at us.  He looked back A LOT!  Finally, when it was his turn he had the biggest smile on his face.  What a sweatheart!  I could tell Jamba couldn’t wait to be with him!

We pulled our trailer with us this time and camped out.  It was nice not to rush back home.  Rush is a relative term used loosely here as the drive is about 7 hours without a trailer attached to your vehicle!

We stayed the night and drove home on Saturday.DSCF8516

We stopped for gas north of Lafayette and still I am awed by the sight of these windmills.  I think there were even MORE…DSCF8511

As for when the next puppy will come is an open question.  Our house is still in re-hab and I don’t want to try and manage a puppy at the same time as a home re-model.  If all goes well I think we’ll be ready next Spring.


I miss these pups!

~Happy Happy!