CCI Puppy Raising, Jamba II

Jamba’s Turn-In – How do we do it?

Hey Everyone, We are back home now from our trip to Ohio for the turn-in of our 2nd CCI dog Jamba.  I thought I'd share some of the photos I took.  Sometimes pictures can tell more of the story. Jamba is the 2nd dog we've raised for Canine Companions for Independence, a not-for-profit charity that… Continue reading Jamba’s Turn-In – How do we do it?


Playing With Crumbs

This is my crumb basket, the last resting place for all those little bits of fabric that I just can't bear to throw away!  I'm not sure it is actually possible to completely empty a crumb basket because there is ALWAYS something being tossed into it!  But I try.  I really do.  Sometimes I'll spend DAYS just… Continue reading Playing With Crumbs

CCI Puppy Raising, Jamba II, Off the beaten trail

I los sum teef! — Jamba at 5 Months

Hi Everyone! I guess I have been slacking in my posts about our Canine Companions Dog Jamba! Yikes!  How quickly these dogs grow up! Jamba is 5 months old today and has been losing his baby teeth rapidly.  He has two more big ones to go (the upper canines) and then this phase of his development… Continue reading I los sum teef! — Jamba at 5 Months


Year End Re-Cap – The projects of 2011

Hi Readers! Today I am spending some time wrapping gifts at the Barnes & Nobles book store to help raise money for my all-time favorite charity (Canine Companions for Independence).  My goal today is $200, so hopefully the store will be loaded with shoppers and my wrapping skills will beg to be tipped graciously! Ha!… Continue reading Year End Re-Cap – The projects of 2011