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Sure, We’ll Take a Half Bushel! – Pickling Till I’m Blue!!!

Hey Everyone!

On our way home from Michigan over the weekend we stopped off at a farm looking for cherries.  We bought a couple of pounds of tart cherries but what we were so thrilled about were the cucumbers!

I know, only us right?  Jim loves pickles, especially if they are spicy or hot.  I like sweet pickles but I don’t eat that many of them.  I’m more about getting my hands dirty and making them!  So we make a good pair.  I make them, Jim eats them…and I eat some of them!

Do you see that big box behind all these jars?  That is a half bushel box.  It was LOADED with cucumbers on Sunday and I am just now down to the last recipe…DSCF9167

I picked out some new recipes this year, some new spicy ones to try!  The first is this Zesty Bread and Butter….DSCF9168

It has Horsradish and Ginger in the recipe and I added some Jalepeno to each jar just to kick it up a notch.  Can’t wait to give them a try.

Then we did 2 kinds of Dill.  One is a vinegar based Garlic Dill, you can see those in the Quart jars in the back, the whole cukes look like they are floating…DSCF9169

…and I put up a ceramic crock with a brine over more cukes (sorry no photo of that) and those are down in the basement fermenting the old fashioned way.  Then, finally, with that last batch of cucumbers I’ve sliced them up…DSCF9170

…added salt, stirred to coat all the cucumbers.  The recipe says to let them sit for 3 hours so I found a lid and I’m letting them sit!DSCF9171

After that there’s this whole complicated process of rinsing, adding brine, sitting, rinsing, stuffing into jars and then canning so I’ll have to update you all later on how that went.  For now, I’m home, I’ve got 3 hours to clean up the kitchen and living rooms, do some laundry and hopefully get out to the garden to weed.

I love summer!

Happy Pickling Everyone!


2 thoughts on “Sure, We’ll Take a Half Bushel! – Pickling Till I’m Blue!!!”

  1. Great looking pickles, Cathy. Like the variety of whole and coins.

    I just recently made my grandma’s pickles and reserved one jar for “coins.”

    Actually just published the recipe and story.

    Grandma’s pickles.

    Ever try pickles without vinegar?


    1. Hi Lenny! Thanks for the kind comment. Yes, I have tried twice to make naturally fermented pickles and sauerkraut. I just recently wrote about my big pickle fail but I really like your Grandma’s recipe. I am so going to try your method! Love your posts!
      ~ Cathy


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