Stash Challenge Progress

Just to re-cap.  Out of the fabrics I’ve pulled from the stash…DSCF9126

I’ve been making these pieces into these 8 pointed star blocks…DSCF9178

The combinations of fabrics are completely wild.  As you can see in the photo above and below I’m having to push the fabrics to coordinate!  In the above photo I’ve used 3 different greens and 3 different neutrals with that novelty bear square in the middle.  But it turned out which is really amazing me!  Here’s another wild combo…DSCF9177

Another novelty center with different pink squares and 2 different neutrals for the star points.  (Mom, you’ll recognize those ballet slippers!).  I love looking at these blocks and thinking about where these fabrics came from.  A trip down memory lane.  The upper right hand corner pink square is from our dog groomer (she makes a collar cover when they go…always something fun!), the ballet slipper print came from Mom, that was a dress she made for one of our nieces, the 3 other pink squares are part of Bari’s 1st collection that I used in my crutch bag (oh so many memories of that experience…3 years now) and there’s Olivia’s quilt and a night gown in there too!  So fun…

25 blocks have been completed.  Now the question is do I set them without sashing…DSCF9172

…or with a sashing (not sure what the sashing will be at the moment…so just think separation of the blocks right now)…


I have more to make to use up the scrap and it looks like a queen size quilt will take approx. 64 (an 8×8).  Still not sure what size I should make or if I should do multiple smaller ones.

Anyone want to do a quilt along?  Or a free motion quilt along?  If you all are game I’d so make a couple of smaller ones.  Any takers?

More to come!

~Happy Quilting!


8 thoughts on “Stash Challenge Progress”

  1. They look great 🙂 and funny enough, the ballet slipper material I recognized right away as material MY mom had too lol


  2. These blocks look great together! i like the version with no sashing, because then you get all the interplay between the triangles on the sides of the blocks, but if you do go with sashing, I like the light neutrals you have up with them on your design wall. And i like the idea of having scrappy sashing too – I think that keeps the liveliness of your design.


    1. Thanks! It is very possible I will have enough to do both. This is all so much out of the comfort zone but loving it!


    2. Yeah, the more I think about it the more I think I do one without sashing. It will be fun to see how all the wildness turns out!


  3. I’m up for a quilt along, Lots of scraps! I think sashing, but busy is good, too. I saw a scrappy number, almost like bricks, but angled, with sashing beteween rows that was black, it was striking.


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