Scrappy Saber Sawtooth Quilt Update!

I had no idea this 8 pointed star block was also called the Sawtooth Star.  I guess it all depends on what you grow up with or learn as you learn your quilting.  Apparently it’s fairly popular…so nothing new here.

However, just like the Churn Dash block quilt, this block is super easy to make and very quickly I’ve produced quite a number of them from my stash pull.

I’ve been using EQ7 to come up with some kind of placement for the blocks.  Here’s the latest.  It is built like a medallion quilt only the medallion portion are the 16 sawtooth star blocks sewn together in the center…

Scrappy Saber Sawtooth Star

From there I get the best of both worlds.  I’ll get my strings in as a border around the center and then the remainder blocks get a spacing between them as then next border.  It looks complicated but trust me it actually is turning out very simple.  Completely based upon  a 2-1/2″ base.DSCF8783

The string blocks are being made WITHOUT paper.  I can’t stand removing paper from string blocks and I really find that step completely unnecessary.  I am trimming down the strings into 5 inch blocks…DSCF8785

The blocks will be cut in half (2-1/2″) and placed zig zaggy around the center 16.  Then the 2-1/2″ strip will be cut in half again to yield the block separator…DSCF8786

…for the third border.  This is why I LOVE EQ7!  I would never have been able..okay…maybe never is a strong word, but seriously, EQ7 did this calculation for me within a few clicks.  I was stunned at how simple it all was.  The best $150 I’ve ever spent!!!

Can’t wait to see how all this is going to finish.

Happy Quilting!